The Talented Craftsman Behind the Shadow Box.

My husband, Jerry, has been a wood craftsman for over 30 years. 
His accumulated experience in custom design and manufacturing of specialty wood products is used in creating the Shadow Boxes.

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Quality Materials
     and a Seasoned
          Skilled Craftsman

Our Shadow Boxes are made from the finest domestic and imported hardwoods and veneers, with environmentally friendly finishes, providing years of protection.

The Shadow Box is illuminated with 100% LED lighting that does not emit ultraviolet radiation or heat that could damage material. This type of lighting adds to the shadowy effect that makes for a stunning visual display.

We offer a choice of two glass lighting options. One is clear ultra-violet tempered glass. The second, creates the visually stunning one-way mirrored effect. These enchanting shadow boxes can be used as a mirror, and then when lit, as a display case for your treasured memories.



We offer a full-length (approximately five feet long)
lighted shadow box that hangs on the wall. It can be designed
with an arched top like our Tuscany model, or can have
the more traditional square shape like our Tradition model.

We off a brass nameplate on the lower middle portion of
the shadow box that can be inscribed with a description of the
contents displayed such as bride and groom's name, date of wedding,
etc. There is no additional charge for the nameplate.

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