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Intricately carved oval mirror frame encases a lighted, beveled one-way mirror shadow box with remote control lighting.

Stand measures 45" w x 26" d x 42" h.
Oval measures 33" w x 64" h x 12" d.
Mirror with stand measures approx. 74"h.

The oval miror shadow box is illuminated with 100% LED lighting that does not emit ultraviolet radiation or heat that could damage material. This type of lighting adds to the shadowy effect that makes for a stunning visual display.

This style of lighting system does require a wall outlet. These enchanting shadow boxes can be used as a mirror, and then when lit, as a display case for your treasured memories.

There are a variety of standard size shadow boxes and finishes to choose from, or one can be made to your size specifications. Each shadow box is handcrafted with the utmost attention given to every detail.

Carved Wood Enlarged

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